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Thank you for your interest in BestHomeSearch.com & The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC.

In general terms, BestHomeSearch.com and The Real Estate Savings Center Network is an Online Marketing and Referral Service designed to match Real Estate Consumers to the Homes, the Services and the Savings being offered by highly rated REALTORS® and other Professional Real Estate Service Providers in major Metro areas throughout the Unites States.

As a User of any of our Network Websites, you understand and agree to the following Terms of Service:

  1. You are interested in Buying and/or Selling Residential Real Estate in the United States sometime within the next 12-months.
  2. You are no required to register to search. If you want to request Savings offers you may be required to do so to receive one or more competitive Savings Offers including Real Estate Rebates and/or MLS Listing Savings. In certain instances, Users may have the option to fill out a form to request Specific Search Results, Services, and/or Savings Offers for Realtors linked to our networks.
  3. As a User, you cannot copy the content of this website or any of the websites displayed herein in an unlawful way or without permission of Jay Rogers, the owners of said websites – Jay@BestHomeSearch.com
  4. When visiting websites and portals other than those noted above, you will be visiting Third Party sites outside of the control of BestHomeSearch.com and The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC. Therefore it is up to you as a User if you want to share your personal information with those individuals or a companies. As our Network Members are Third Parties, they have their own Websites, Portals with their own requirements and Terms of Service.
  5. As Network Members, the REALTORS® and Real Estate Service Providers are independent Third Parties and not employed by The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC. They may or may not pay a Marketing Fee to be Network Members.

Your Use of Third Party Services displayed on this website:

The content provided by Network Realtors and other Service Providers is their sole responsibility. While The Real Estate Savings Center does pre-qualify Realtors and other Real Estate Service Providers based on local Experience, Professional Services and potential Savings Offer, it is not liable for any acts, statements, or omissions made by these Third Parties.

Real Estate Rebates, MLS Listing Savings, and other Savings Promotions

  1. BestHomeSearch.com and The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC give Exclusive Website Marketing & Prospect Referrals preference to Realtors and other Real Estate Service Providers offering specific Saving to Residential Real Estate Consumers. Specific Savings can include Home Buyer Rebates (legal in 41-States and DC), MLS Listing Savings for Home Sellers, Builder Incentives on New Home Construction, and other real estate service promotions.
  2. The Real Estate Savings Center Network does not require Consumers to fill out forms to access real estate information the vast majority of websites featured. There are forms available for Consumers who would like to Request Specific Savings Quotes through BestHomeSearch.com. Realtors on other associated Real Estate Websites have their own User Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.
  3. As it is not possible to monitor all Network Member Websites and the various Savings Offers being made at all times, Users should contact Realtors directly for the updated Savings Offers and/or Promotions.
  4. Since buying and/or selling a home or other real estate is a process that requires numerous steps to reach a successful closing, the Local Home Search & Savings Centers are designed to match Consumer to Realtors and other Real Estate Service Providers needed throughout the process.
  5. It is always wise to contact a Real Estate Attorney about specific legal real estate questions, and/or also contact a CPA in regard to any Tax questions related to a real estate transactions.

Thank you, BestHomeSearch.com and The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC

Jay Rogers Owner, Broker & Real Estate Consultant –  Jay@BestHomeSearch.com or – (843) 849-7587

Terms of Use

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