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As part of the old, “traditional” world of real estate listings, the typical Seller’s Co-op Commission offer for Buyer Agents was displayed in REALTORS® MLS Listing System. This encouraged Realtors to show their Buyers Seller Listings. 
According to a settlement reached in the Class-Action Lawsuit against the National Association of Realtors, starting in July 2024, Seller Co-op Commissions would no longer be published as part of the MLS System. This means the Seller will have to consider other options to attract Buyer Agents representing buyers. Options may include instructing their Listing Agent to find other ways to notify Buyer Agents of the co-op commission they may still want to offer. Many sellers might also be willing to pay of negotiate buyer commission requests that are part of an Offer to Purchase. In the changing world of real estate listings, time will tell what the most popular way will be for Sellers to attract Buyer Agents with serious buyers.

Meanwhile, at BestHomeSearch.com, we are happy to provide the following brief outline of current  non-traditional home selling solutions offered in the USA. Please keep in mind that there will likely be more home selling service options moving forward including “hybrids” of the following:

FULL-SERVICE PLUS – Most Sellers prefer to receive all the services they need from a highly-qualified Real Estate Broker or Team that specializes in their local area. Plus, without the option to place a co-op Commission in the Realtors’ MLS System, many Sellers will seek out Seller’s Agents that have Listing, Marketing, and Selling Services that include an effective substitute for the the old, traditional Seller’s Co-Op Commission Offer to attract Buyer Agents. 

FEE FOR SERVICE – Also known as “a la carte’ real estate services, fee for service is normally offered and priced individually or in sets of the services needed when selling a property. A “set” can any of all of: Professional Representation, Local Market Analysis, Online Marketing, and/or Contract to Closing Services. Agents may offer Fee for Service for a set fee or an Hourly Rate.

FLAT FEE SERVICE –  Limited Service, Flat Fee MLS Listings are normally for “do-it-yourselfers” that are well versed in the home selling process. If you have the time needed to set up and attend showings, handle all calls for property details, as well as Buyer’s Agent calls about commissions no longer being shown in the Realtors’ MLS System, this service may be a good fit. However Limited Service for Sellers means a lot more work needed to get from Contract-to-Closing of the home selling transaction.

At BestHomeSearch.com you can now request any Seller Savings Offers related to the above services, as well as any new Hybrid time and money savings services coming available. We are hoping Mortgage Lenders will change their Underwriting Rules so that Buyers can wrap their Buyer Agent’s Commission into their Loan so they can keep more of their money in their pocket at the closing table.

For a No Cost, No Obligation Best Home Search consultation, you can use the short and secure form at the bottom of Your City or County Landing Page.

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