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Ohio Home Buyer RebatesOhio Home Buyer Rebates – The price you pay for the property you buy typically includes both the Seller’s Agent Fee and your Realtor’s commission. It’s your money, why wouldn’t you want offers for substantial Ohio Home Buyer Rebates on any home you might find when using any Ohio Home Search sites including Realtor.com or Zillow, etc? You can make free “Home Buyer Savings Requests” at The Real Estate Savings Center. Plus you can use the Rebate Calculator below to calculate the savings offers received based on your purchase price.

Ohio Home SearchAs shown on the Rebate Calculator, The United States Department of Justice is committed to helping preserve competition in the real estate industry through its competition advocacy efforts. Given that Ohio now allows real estate brokers to provide rebates to consumers and to customize their real estate service offerings to meet their customers’ needs, the Department of Justice has not advocated that Ohio change any of its real estate laws or regulations.

Ohio law contains minimum service provisions, but it allows home sellers to choose the services they wish their broker to perform by including a provision allowing for waiver of the performance of certain services

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