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New MLS Compensation Rules Present More Time & Money Options for Home Sellers

Home Selling Solutions

The Shift Towards Alternative Selling Methods: Real estate agents are adapting to the changing landscape by offering alternative, less expensive home selling services. These services often involve a la carte options, allowing sellers to choose specific tasks they need assistance with, such as pricing strategy, marketing, or negotiation. By unbundling their services, agents can cater to a wider range of budgets and preferences, while still providing valuable expertise. This trend not only benefits sellers looking for cost-effective solutions but also fosters a more transparent and competitive real estate market

Sellers are increasingly exploring alternative selling methods, now that the New Rules in Real Estate stop Sellers and their Agents from making a blanket offer of compensation to Buyer Agents through the Multiple Listing Service.

Full Service for Less

The Old, Traditional “One Fee Fits All” Real Estate Business Model is History! The recent Class-Action Lawsuit against the National Association eliminates the “Mandatory Offer of Compensation Rule”. There will be no more Seller’s Cooperative Compensation Offers in the Realtors MLS to attract Buyer Agents. This change could effectively lower the overall cost for Full Service Listing, Marketing, and Selling Service for Home Sellers. This may also put pressure on listing prices and appraised property values over time.

However, since Sellers will still want to attract Buyer’s Agents working with Buyers, there will be non-traditional Services and Fee options for Sellers to consider in 2024 and beyond. Currently at the top of the list, it is expected that in place of a Commission offer in the MLS system, Buyers will request Sellers to pay their Agent as a part of their offer to purchase. This can give Sellers more room to negotiate which could bring down the cost of buying and selling residential real estate.

Fee for Service Solutions

In 2023 only a handful of States had an average Listing Fee of 6% or more. The national average listing, marketing, and selling fee for a home was closer to 5%.
This indicates some Sellers were paying
real estate Listing Agents a Flat Fee or 1%-2% plus offering the typical 2.5% to 3.0% for the MLS Co-Op Fee. This typical Fee is no longer posted in the MLS System as of July 2024. However, it is expected that more Buyer’s will be negotiating with Sellers to pay for their Agent’s Commission as a concession within their offer to purchase a property.

Since not all home Sellers need full service, some will appreciate the opportunity to select from an “a la carte” menu of service and fees.

BestHomeSearch.com Network Realtors pay little or no marketing fees and No Referrals Fees so they can afford to offer Home Selling Solutions that can help homeowners keep more of their equity at closing.

Flat Fee MLS Services

An Internet search for “Flat Fee MLS listing service” will produce a number of “Limited Service” options along with self-help FSBO+MLS Videos. At BestHomeSearch.com, we believe Flat Fee can be an economical way to get MLS exposure, but that Flat Fee MLS is best for home owners that have prior experience in selling a home and good knowledge of the home selling process.
Some Flat Fee real estate Agents offer various levels of services to choose from, so if you are a “do-it-yourselfer” with all of the time you will need during the home selling process, you may be able to find one that offers all of the services you want and need in your local area.

FULL SERVICE FOR LESS Home Selling Solutions – changes to the Realtors’ “MLS Cooperative Compensation Rules” are making the Real Estate Industry even more competitive in 2024. Enter Your Area to see any “Full Service for Less” Home Selling Solutions that may currently be available: 

Home Seller Solutions

FEE FOR SERVICE Home Listing, Marketing, and Selling Solutions
a growing number of Realtors use technology to save Time and Money so they can share savings through newer business models that provide better  Values for real estate consumers.

Exclusive Agent Marketing

If you are such a Realtor, you can Sign Up Here for Exclusive Website Marketing & Referrals at No Cost.

FLAT FEE Home Seller Services
Typically this is for experienced Sellers that only need their property listed for added exposure. However there are hybrids of  “a la Carte” Fee for Service Solutions coming available to Home Seller in many areas of the USA.

Home Seller Services

At BestHomeSearch.com, you can now request any of the above services, as well as new Hybrid time and money savings services coming available. We are hoping Mortgage Lenders will change their Underwriting Rules so that Buyers can wrap their Buyer Agent’s Commission into their Loan so they can keep more of their money in their pocket at the closing table.

Home Selling Solutions

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