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Time & Money SavingsReal Estate is a Very Competitive Industry in both good times and when the Market is not so good. Many Realtors these days are willing to compete for real estate Consumers with Business Models that offer Greater Real Estate Savings compared to the old, “traditional” way of doing business. Best Home Search helps Buyers and Sellers locate top REALTORS® that offer Time and Money Savings in their  Hometown or their Destination City.


First of all, there is no such thing as a “Standard 6%” Listing Fee

Today in 2024, there are some Real Estate Companies that charge between 3% and 5% for MLS Listing, Marketing, and Selling Services. The national average is now slightly less than 5%. This average includes the common 2.5% to 3.0% commission offered in the Realtors MLS by the Seller to attract Buyer Brokers.

It is because of the Buyer Broker Commission that some Sellers are now participating in Class-Action Lawsuits against the National Association of Realtors. These Sellers claim they should have more of a choice of the amount offered to that Buyer Brokers, or that Buyers should pay their own agent compensation. Lawsuits are expected to take years to finalize.  

Meanwhile, has taken the time necessary to sort through many non-traditional business models that offer Sellers and Buyers the best Time and Money Saving Services in the real estate industry. These business models include the following:

  1. Fee for Service: Also referred to as “a la Carte” Real Estate Services, the Fee for Service business model allows consumers to select the services they want for a fee they are willing to pay. sees this as a solution for Home Sellers who want to limit or increase the amount they offer in the MLS System to attract Buyer Agents. As a nod to the lawsuits, Fee for Service Listings could better address the Seller’s specific needs and budget, as well as the property’s Time on Market according to changing real estate market conditions.

  2. Flat Fee MLS Listings: There are plenty of experienced home sellers including many former Realtors willing to take care of a lot of the Home Selling details themselves. They don’t need Full Service and are willing to accept more Limited Services than normally offered on a Fee for Service menu. Basically, these sellers are willing to pay a few hundred dollars to list their property in the MLS plus they are willing to make a Commission offer to attract Buyer Agents.

  3. Full Service for Less: All real estate listing fees are negotiable; however, some Realtors take the initiative to reduce their fees upfront to offer everything typically needed to get a property sold a top dollar and within the Seller’s timeframe. They can do this by cutting overhead and using technology to save time and money. This is a business model usually preferred by consumers that are looking for the Greatest Real Estate Service Values.

  4. Real Estate Rebates: If you are a home buyer doing a lot of the home searching online or in person, you should appreciate the Best Home Search is List of Best Websites for Consumer Savings. It can help you find Realtors willing to reward you for your time and effort. Real Estate Rebates, aka Agent Commission Splits are currently legal in at least 42-States and DC but not yet in AL, AK, KS, MS, MO, OK, OR, or TN.  The U.S. Dept. of Justice wants to see rebates and other consumer savings available in all 50-States. The Justice Department is playing a big part in the current and planned lawsuits affecting MLS Realtor Compensation Rules. Importantly, Real Estate Rebates are classified as an adjustment to the overall purchase price of the property and therefore not considered taxable income.

Conclusion: The Lawsuits focused on the National Association of Realtors have and will have a direct effect on how some Realtor Commissions are handled. For those Sellers that want the Buyer Agent to collect their Commission from the Buyer, they should expect to reduce the price of their property by the commission amount typically offered in the MLS for the Buyer’s Agent. Again, there is no such thing as a “Standard 6%” Listing Fee. All Realtor Commission are Negotiable, there are a number of non-traditional Realtor Commission Models to choose from in most of the Country, and helps you locate the one best for you and your family. 

Importantly, unlike other Real Estate Networks, does not charge our Network Realtors a Referral Fee. This means they can afford to offer better Savings Offers compared to networks that do charge Referral Fees.

As a Real Estate Consumer, you can locate Real Estate Saving offers by selecting your Hometown or Destination City. Some of our Network Members have websites that offer Real Estate Rebates or MLS Listing Savings. All of our Network Realtors have agreed to negotiate their fees if you mention you found them on Best Home Search Site.
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