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Time & Money SavingsFirst of all, BestHomeSearch.com can direct you to the top Buyer Brokers & Buyer Agents offering some of the greatest time and money savings in the real estate industry. Unlike other matching services, we do not charge our Network Realtors a referral fee. This way they can better afford to offer you greater real estate service values.
Secondly, because of a class-action lawsuit against the National Association of Realtors, the way Buyer Agent commissions are paid is set to change effective July 2024. Since the Seller’s Co-Op Commission Offers will no longer be displayed in the Realtors’ MLS System, Buyers will have more services to choose from.
Importantly, without the Seller’s Commission offer in the MLS, Buyers will need to negotiate and sign an agreement that outlines the level of services they require, for example:

FULL-SERVICE PLUS – Best Home Search believes most Sellers will still want to attract Buyer Agents and their serious buyers. We also think they will still be willing to pay the Buyer’s Agent compensation when included as part of an offer to purchase their property. Plus some Buyer’s Agent will still have business models that offer Agent Commission Splits, also known as Home Buyer Rebates. Find these Buyer Agents by “Requesting Savings Offers” at the bottom of your local Best Home Search Landing Page. 

FEE FOR SERVICE Also known as “a la carte’ real estate services. Real Estate Agents using this type of business model let you customize the services you want for the price you are willing to pay. Some of these Agent work as Real Estate Consultants and provide a menu of individual services. Others offer “sets of services” like those normally needed for the “Contract to Closing” segment of a transaction. Depending on the services selected, experienced home buyers can do some of their own “homework” themselves to enjoy added savings. 

REAL ESTATE CONSULTANTS Some Buyers do not want of need Client Level Services and they would be happy with customer level, “Limited Services”. Agents offering limited services may quotes a set fee, and hourly rate, or a mutually agreed to commission at closing. You can contact a local Realtor offering 30-60 minute free consultation by requesting it at the bottom of you local Landing page. 

At BestHomeSearch.com you can now request any of the above services, as well as any new Hybrid time and money savings services coming available. We are hoping Mortgage Lenders will change their Underwriting Rules so that Buyers can wrap their Buyer Agent’s Commission into their Loan so they can keep more of their money in their pocket at the closing table.

For a No Cost, No Obligation Best Home Search consultation, you can use the short and secure form at the bottom of your City or County Landing Page.

Home Buyer Savings Offers

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