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Best Places to Live Near Austin

Looking for the best place to live near Austin, Texas? You’ll find a variety of welcoming communities offering unique lifestyles to suit your needs. Explore charming towns like Cedar Park, known for its top-rated schools and outdoor recreation, or Round Rock, a family-friendly suburb with a rich history. If you prefer a quieter setting, consider Georgetown, a picturesque town with a historic downtown square, or Leander, an up-and-coming area with a mix of urban and rural charm. Each community offers its own blend of amenities, from award-winning restaurants and shops to scenic parks and trails. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect place to live near Austin, Texas.

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Best Places to Live in Austin according to |, and AreaVibes.comYou will also find’s list of 15 Honest Pros & Cons of Living in AustinPlus you can check out’s choices for the best Neighborhoods.

Great Real Estate Websites for Austin Home Search – Our Hyperlocal MLS Search results are presented on top Realtor Websites that can save you time and effort locating the homes and neighborhoods that best suit your family’s lifestyle. 

1. Time and Money Savings: Best Home Search: Best Home Search aims to simplify your home search in the Austin area. By aggregating listings from various sources and working with real estate professionals who don’t charge referral fees, they can potentially offer you:

  • Cost Savings: Lower commissions or other financial incentives may be possible due to the absence of referral fees.
  • Stronger Negotiation: Their agents might have more leeway to negotiate on your behalf, potentially getting you a better deal.
  • Hyperlocal Focus: Their emphasis is on very specific neighborhood-level results, which can be helpful when looking near a large city like Austin.

2. Real Estate Market Conditions, Trends, and Analysis: For a deep dive into the current real estate climate near Austin, is a great resource. You’ll find:

  • Up-to-date Austin Listings: See what’s currently on the market in your desired areas.
  • Austin Market Trends: Get an overview of how prices are changing and what inventory looks like.
  • Professional Insights: Often, Austin Realtor website include articles and analysis from Austin real estate experts to help you understand the bigger picture.

3. Local Lifestyle, Schools, and Safety: To get a feel for the quality of life in different neighborhoods near Austin, consider these well-regarded sources:

  • Offers rankings and detailed profiles of different cities and towns, covering things like amenities, demographics, and overall livability scores.
  • Focuses specifically on schools, providing ratings, reviews, and information on test scores and demographics.
  • Provides in-depth crime statistics and safety ratings for neighborhoods, cities, and even specific addresses.

Additional Tips for Your Austin Area Home Search:

  • Define Your Priorities: Before you start, be clear on what matters most to you (commute, school district, property type, etc.). This will help you narrow your search.
  • Consider the Suburbs: Austin has many lovely surrounding communities that offer different lifestyles and price points.
  • Visit in Person if possible: Nothing beats experiencing a neighborhood firsthand to see if it feels like home.

Austin Home Buyer Benefits: The recent class-action lawsuits against the National Association of Realtors are creating a ripple effect in cities nationwide, tipping the scales in favor of many home buyers. One significant change is that sellers can no longer offer compensation to buyer brokers and agents through the MLS. This can give buyers newfound negotiating power, potentially leading to savings on commissions. To navigate this evolving landscape, it’s essential for buyers to partner with a highly qualified Buyer’s Agent like those at that provide a clear written agreement outlining compensation options. 

Austin Home Seller Solutions: In the past, sellers often felt burdened by inflated commissions, as they were typically expected to  cover the buyer’s agent commission in addition to their own agent’s fees. Now, with rule changes that do not allow Buyer Agent Commissions to be posted in the Realtors MLS system, innovative home selling options like “Full Service for Less” and “Fee for Service” business models are emerging. Sellers using can now explore these alternative solutions for marketing and selling their properties, normally leading to cost savings and a more streamlined selling process. 

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Best Places to Live Near Austin

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