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best places to live in Washington

Washington State Home Buyer Benefits: The Washington real estate market is evolving to better serve real estate consumers, thanks to recent changes stemming from antitrust lawsuits against the National Association of Realtors. One significant change is that sellers can no longer offer blanket compensation to Buyer’s Agents through the Realtors’ MLS system, a practice that sometimes inflated commissions. This means buyers can now have increased negotiating power and the potential to save on real estate fees. To navigate this changing landscape, it’s necessary for buyers to establish a written agreement with their Agent outlining how the Agent will be compensated for their  services. This ensures both parties are on the same page and that buyers receive professional representation throughout their home search and purchase. [READ MORE]

Washington Home Seller Solutions: The antitrust litigation also sought to address the traditional real estate model, where sellers often felt pressured to cover buyer agent commissions through the Realtors’ MLS. This often resulted in inflated asking prices to offset these costs. With this practice now prohibited, Washington State home sellers have more options than ever. Non-traditional home selling methods are gaining popularity, offering potential cost savings and greater control over the selling process. Whether it’s exploring innovative marketing strategies or considering alternative sales solutions such as “Full Service for Less” or “Fee for Service”, sellers can now tailor their approach to best suit their specific needs and goals. [READ MORE]


Seattle’s Best Suburbs & More: Discover Your Dream Home in the Pacific Northwest – Searching for the best places to live near Seattle? Look no further! Nestled amidst breathtaking natural beauty, the Seattle metropolitan area offers diverse suburban communities that cater to various lifestyles and preferences. Whether you’re seeking top-rated schools, vibrant cultural scenes, outdoor adventures, or a family-friendly atmosphere, our guide to Seattle’s best suburbs will help you find your perfect match. Dive into in-depth ratings and reviews from trusted sources like,, and to make an informed decision about where to call home in the Pacific Northwest.





Mercer Island



Walla Walla

Wenatchee and Livability can save you time and effort locating the Best Places to Live in Washington State. You may also be interested in the Best Places to Live in Washington offered by and/or’s focus on Seattle, Washington.

1. Network Realtors: No Referral Fees, Saving You MoneyThe network is unique in that their realtors don’t pay referral fees, allowing them to pass those savings directly to buyers and sellers. This innovative model makes the home buying and selling process more affordable while maintaining high-quality service and expertise.

2. Washington State Real Estate Market: The Washington State real estate market is dynamic, varying widely depending on location. Seattle remains a hotbed for tech jobs, driving demand and prices. The greater Seattle area, including Bellevue and Tacoma, also sees high activity. For detailed market trends, data on recent sales, and available listings, refer to:

3. Washington State Lifestyle and Livability: Washington State offers a diverse lifestyle, from the bustling city life of Seattle to the tranquility of Olympic National Park. Outdoor enthusiasts thrive here with abundant hiking, skiing, and water activities. The state also boasts a strong economy, excellent schools, and a thriving arts scene. To explore livability factors such as schools, crime rates, and amenities in specific neighborhoods and cities, consult:

Washington State offers a wealth of opportunities for those seeking a vibrant lifestyle and a beautiful environment. With its diverse real estate market and commitment to affordability through networks like, it’s a place worth exploring for your next home.

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Best Places to Live in Washington State

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