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Best Places to Live in Pinella County

Pinellas County’s real estate market is currently experiencing strong demand, with median home prices around $415,000 in June 2024, up 5.7% year-over-year. Inventory levels for the best places to live in Pinellas County are relatively low, leading to a competitive market for buyers. Homes are typically selling within 30-45 days, indicating a fast-paced market. For most places in the Pinellas County market, Homes are taking longer to sell compared to last year, with an average of 40 days on the market in June 2024 compared to 22 days in June 2023.

Best Places to Live in Pinellas County include:

  • Clearwater: Known for its stunning beaches and active downtown area.
  • St. Petersburg: Offers a thriving arts scene, family neighborhoods, and a growing culinary reputation.
  • Safety Harbor: A charming town with a historic downtown, waterfront parks, and a focus on wellness.
  • Dunedin: Features a quaint downtown with Scottish influences, beautiful beaches, and a lively brewery scene.

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Dive into the ratings and reviews of the best places to live in Pinellas County provided by reputable sources like U.S. News, Niche, and AreaVibes to discover your ideal community. has selected St. Petersburg as one of the Best Places to Live in America in 2023. It is still a great place to live in 2024. 

Pinellas County Lifestyle, Livability, Schools, and Safety:

Pinellas County offers a diverse lifestyle with options ranging from active urban centers to tranquil beach communities. Livability factors such as climate, amenities, and cultural attractions contribute to its appeal. School quality varies across the county, with several high-performing districts and schools. Safety levels differ by neighborhood, so it’s advisable to research specific areas.

St. Petersburg, Florida Home Buyer Benefits

  • Increased Negotiating Power: New rules stemming from lawsuits against the National Association of Realtors (NAR) are changing the game for St. Petersburg home buyers. Sellers can no longer offer compensation to buyer’s agents through the MLS, potentially leading to significant savings on commission fees.
  • Prioritize Your Representation: With the traditional commission structure changing, it’s crucial for buyers to have a clear, written agreement with their Realtor outlining compensation details. This ensures you receive professional guidance and advocacy throughout your home search and purchase.

St. Petersburg Home Seller Solutions:

  • A More Transparent Market: The antitrust litigation aimed to reduce inflated commission costs that were often passed on to sellers. Now, with commission offers removed from the MLS, the St. Petersburg market is becoming more transparent and competitive.
  • Explore Alternative Selling Options: Sellers are no longer bound to the traditional model. Consider innovative approaches like “full service for less” or working with real estate companies offering “fee for service” business models

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Best Places to Live in Pinellas County

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