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Homes for sale in DelawareDelaware, “The First State”, offers a unique blend of history, charm, and modern amenities, making it an attractive destination for those seeking the best places to live in Delaware. Whether you’re drawn to picturesque coastal towns like Lewes and Rehoboth Beach, vibrant urban centers like Wilmington, or peaceful suburban communities like Pike Creek and Hockessin, Delaware has something to offer everyone. Discover the hidden gems and top-rated neighborhoods that make Delaware a great place to call home, from tax-free shopping to beautiful state parks.





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Best Places to Live in Delaware by | or Best areas in Delaware according to Moneyinc.comExplore the best places to live in Delaware based on expert ratings and in-depth analysis from reputable sources: or

Plus, we have selected highly rated Realtor Websites that can save you time and effort getting the results you want. Our Network Realtors are invited based on the local areas they specialize in. Therefore, they can better match you to the local properties and neighborhoods that best suit your family’s specific wants and needs. 

  • Homes for Sale in Delaware – Our Statewide Landing Page is designed to feature popular and safe areas and Lifestyle choices. The goal at Best Home Search is to provide you with easy access to your area of choice. Our Hyperlocal Home Search starts with details on the Cities and Towns above. Plus, our highly qualified Delaware Real Estate Teams and Brokers can help you find the best Neighborhoods for your family.  
  • New Homes in Delaware – The local Real Estate Teams and Brokers typically include New Homes as part of their MLS Search. Best Home Search goes a step further by displaying the “New Home Source” portal under the “New Homes Near Me” link above. New Home Source provides easy access to Home Builders and New Homes in more than 12,000 New Communities nationwide. 

Delaware Home Buyer Benefits: The Delaware real estate market is evolving to better serve real estate consumers, thanks to recent changes stemming from antitrust lawsuits against the National Association of Realtors. One significant change is that sellers can no longer offer blanket compensation to Buyer’s Agents through the Realtors’ MLS system, a practice that sometimes inflated commissions. This means buyers can now have increased negotiating power and the potential to save on real estate fees. To navigate this changing landscape, it’s necessary for buyers to establish a written agreement with their Agent outlining how the Agent will be compensated for their services. This ensures both parties are on the same page and that buyers receive professional representation throughout their search for the best places to live in Delaware.

  • A Buyer’s Agent or Buyer’s Broker working as your Real Estate Advocate is typically your greatest Benefit. seeks out highly qualified Realtors that have earned their Certified and/or Accredited Buyer Representative designation. Just as importantly, we look for Realtors that live and work in your local area of interest.  
  • Buyer Agent Commissions – For decades, most Buyer Agents and Brokers have earned their commission through a “blanket offer of cooperation” in the Realtors’ MLS System.  Today there are new laws can affect the Traditional Realtor Cooperation and Compensation business model. Sellers still have that option to place an offer of compensation in the Realtors MLS System. However many written agreement will not say or imply that Sellers are “required” to offer or to pay the Buyer’s Agent Fee. All Realtor Fees are said to be negotiable, so Buyers as well as Sellers can expect to see more Realtors negotiating their commissions. Some Realtors including “Transactional Brokers” and “Real Estate Consultants” will likely start negotiating commissions directly with Buyers and Sellers, particularly if compensation isn’t being offered through the Realtors’ MLS System. 

Delaware Home Seller Solutions:The antitrust litigation also sought to address the traditional real estate model, where sellers often felt pressured to cover buyer agent commissions through the Realtors’ MLS. This often resulted in inflated asking prices to offset these costs. With this practice now prohibited, Delaware home sellers have more options than ever. Non-traditional home selling methods are gaining popularity, offering potential cost savings and greater control over the selling process. Whether it’s exploring innovative marketing strategies or considering alternative sales solutions such as “Full Service for Less” or “Fee for Service”, sellers can now tailor their approach to best suit their specific needs and goals. Many Delaware Homes for Sale are still marketed through the Multiple Listing Service. However in many area there are also alternatives like “Full Service for Less” and “Fee-for-Service” Home Selling Solutions. These alternatives can help homeowners keep more of their Equity when selling. At we seek out highly rated and Certified Residential Specialists (CRS) and ePRO Real Estate Professionals offering such alternative Home Seller Solutions.

Best Places to Live in Delaware – Please compare the highly rated Realtors and other Real Estate Service Providers featured on this Landing Page. Our Network Realtors pay us Little or No Marketing Fees and No Referral Fees. Therefore they can better afford to offer you a better overall deal. The other Real Estate Service Providers featured in this Delaware Website Showcase have earned an average of 4.5 to 5.0 Star reviews.  We encourage you to compare their professional services to any other local service provides in the area.  

Unlike other Real Estate Referral Sites, does not try to collect your personal information to sell it to real estate Agents for a big referral fee. We don’t charge referral fees so our Network Realtors can afford to provide consumers greater real estate savings when buying and/or selling a property. 

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Best Places to Live in Delaware


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