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Best Places to Live in CharlestonIt’s clear from its many happy residents and a number of publications that Charleston is a highly desirable place to live. This is attributed to factors such as quality of life, amenities, and overall community satisfaction. With the real estate market reflecting the city’s appeal, here are some key points summarizing the livability of Charleston, South Carolina:

  1. Livability Rankings: Charleston, SC, is recognized as one of the best cities to live in America according to,, and
  2. Real Estate Market Overview:
    • Dynamic and Competitive: The Charleston real estate market is described as dynamic and competitive.
    • Diverse Property Types: Historic homes, waterfront properties, and a vibrant downtown area contribute to the diversity of the real estate market.
  3. Median Home Prices in 2023:
    • Charleston County: The median price for homes sold in Charleston County is $465,500.
    • Berkeley County: The median price for homes sold in Berkeley County is $336,000.
    • Dorchester County: The median price for homes sold in Dorchester County is $306,475.
  4. Price Trends:
    • Steady Increase: There has been a steady increase in home prices, with a 10.8% rise in the past year.
    • Slowing Growth: While the market is still growing, the growth rate has slowed down compared to the previous year because of the very tight real estate market.
  5. Market Dynamics:
    • Seller’s Market: The current market trend is described as a seller’s market, indicating high demand and limited housing inventory. Because few people want to give up the low interest rates they have, the market prices have lead to higher home prices.
  6. Factors Driving Demand:
    • Attractive Lifestyle: The demand for homes is fueled by the city’s attractive lifestyle.
    • Strong Job Market: A robust job market in industries like aerospace, healthcare, and technology contributes to the city’s economic growth.
    • Tourism Industry: Charleston’s booming tourism industry also plays a role in driving demand for housing.
  7. Economic Diversification: Charleston’s economy is diversified, with various industries contributing to its growth. This diversification can contribute to the stability of the real estate market.
  8. Investor Appeal: Despite the competitive nature of the market, Charleston remains attractive for buyers and investors looking for stability and growth.

In summary, Charleston, SC, appears to be a city with a thriving real estate market driven by a combination of factors, including a strong economy, diverse industries, and a high quality of life. The current seller’s market conditions suggest a favorable environment for those looking to sell, while buyers and investors may need to navigate the competitive landscape of the Best Places to Live in Charleston.

Best Places to Live in Charleston

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