BEST HOME SEARCH OPTIONS – Select any of our currently Active Cities at the left. You can remain anonymous while accessing the largest databases for updated MLS Listings on, and New Homes on Plus you have the option to access local Home Search Websites of highly rated, Independent Real Estate Companies.

SPECIFIC REAL ESTATE SERVICES – You will find our Network of Independent Realty Brokers offer the newer, Consumer Focused Realty Business Models including Full Service for Less, Fee for Service, and/or Flat Fee MLS Plans. As Independent Brokers, they have more flexibility when it comes to customizing services to meet your specific needs.

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home buyer rebatesFIRST TIME HOME BUYERS – One of the Smartest things you can do as a First Time Buyer is to make sure you are Professionally Represented by a Buyer’s Broker or Accredited Buyer Representative who will work as your real estate advocate. Independent Surveys have shown these Realtors can typically save Buyers about 3% more than Seller’s Agents, and that alone can be many thousands of dollars. Plus the Realtors at The Real Estate Savings Center offer Home Buyer Rebates, also known as Agent Commission Split of 25% or more, and that can be thosands of dollars more in your pocket at closing. Find out more about home buyer rebates available in all states except AK, AL, IA, KS. LA, MI, MO, OK, OR & TN

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BEST HOUSE BUILDERS– In addition to providing access to New Home Listings through and numerous Realtors Member websites, Best Home Search invites House Builders to promote their Websites, Floor Plans, Free Upgrades, and any other Incentives they may be offering locally, regionally or nationwide. If you are a House Builder, you can Check Out our very interesting Marketing Opportunity Here.

BEST HOME SEARCH – YESTERDAY & TODAY – In the mid-1990s, before potential Home Buyers could access updated MLS Listings on the Internet, the best way to view homes was to visit a Realtor’s office and ask to see a copy of the “Big Thick Book of Black & White Home Photos”. “The Book” was closely guarded by the Realtors since each office had a limited supply, so it was a pretty big deal back then if a Realtor would let a consumer actually keep the Book overnight. The Book was updated and published every 7 to 14 days and it was typically considered the Best Home Search for the newest listings hitting the market.

BEST HOME SEARCH – THE FUTURE IS NOW – Today, hundreds of thousands of websites including and link real estate consumers to MLS Listings that are updated every 15-minutes or so. Plus Best Home Search allows consumers to remain anonymous while viewing homes and comparing the greatest Home Buyer Rebates and Home Seller MLS Listing Savings offered by highly rated Realtors in a growing number of Cities including those listed at the left.

As the Real Estate Industry continues to transition to newer technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, and Voice Search, Best Home Search will be there to help provide the smarter, faster, and more cost-effective ways to Locate, Buy, and Sell homes and other residential real estate.

Best Home Search is currently seeking technology partners to help make Best Home Search even better for real estate consumers. Contact or (843) 849-7587.