Best Home Search has joined The Real Estate Savings Center Network to reward you with Home Buyer Rebates, also known as “Agent Commission Splits” of up to 67% in the 40-States where they are currently available.

Best Home Search features and their unbeatable combination of the most MLS Listings online, plus their system updates every 15-minutes so you have the the most up-to-date MLS Home Listings for your Hometown or your Destination City: 

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BEST HOME SEARCH – We think you will find our Home Search to be the Best because it can not only link you to more than 2 Million MLS Listings nationwide, in many Cities you can use our SRE Search Engine link to Search Real Estate listings. These listings feature “Estimated Rebates” currently being offered, so you don’t have to fill out a form! If your City Search does not yet have the SRE search link, then you can easily request and receive “Savings Estimates” through a short form we have already set up on Online Savings Centers  throughout the United States. You can also request the specific services you want as a First Time Home Buyer, an Experienced Home Buyer or a Home Seller looking for your choice of Full Service or Limited Services.



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THE REAL ESTATE SAVINGS CENTER NETWORK – The Internet has made it possible for Best Home Search to link you to the home buyer rebate business models that reward you for the time you spend online searching for homes and other real estate. The Real Estate Savings Center has “hatched” a smarter and more cost-effective way for you to buy and/or sell a home or other real estate. Our system matches Home Buyers to highly-rated REALTORS® offering “Agent Commission Splits”, aka: home buyer rebates. Plus each local Online Savings Center showcase local House Builders, Mortgage Lenders, Home Inspectors, and Real Estate Service Providers that have their own money saving Promotions. As a Home Seller, you can request and receive the services you want along with “MLS Savings Estimates” from top MLS Listing, Marketing, and Selling Specialists in your local area.



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HOME BUYER REBATES – One of the major benefits for you as a home buyer visiting Best Home Search is that you will be linked to highly-ranked Buyer Agents that can work as your advocate to help you get the best overall deal on the New or Resale home of your choice.  Plus, since the price you pay for the home you choose typically includes the Buyer’s Agent Commission offered in the Realtors’ MLS system, our Network of Buyer Agents provide you with an Agent Commission Split of 1/3 to 2/3s of their commission. Home Buyer Rebates are currently available in 40-states, however the US Department of Justice says 9 states have a full ban on rebates including Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon and Tennessee. In addition, Iowa prohibits rebates when consumers use the services of two or more real estate brokers during a transaction.



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HOME SELLER SAVINGS – If you are looking to sell a house or other real estate before buying again, you can enjoy additional, substantial savings when using a Buyer’s Agent at The Real Estate Savings Center. The Buyer Agent in out network are not “Exclusive Buyer Agents” which means they can also provide you with Professional, Flexible, and Cost-Effective MLS Home Listing, Marketing, and Selling Solutions. Best Home Search links you to The Real Estate Savings Center Network where you will find our network Realtors can also offer you a Menu of Services including “Full Service for Less” and/or Fee for Service to help ensure you keep a lot more of your equity at closing.



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BEST HOUSE BUILDERS – The new houses you will find through this Best Home Search website are brought to you by Members of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), as well as some of the Realtor Members of The Real Estate Savings Center Network. House Builders typically offer home buyers some type of Free Upgrades, Paid Closing Costs, Financing Packages, or other Home Buyer Incentives. However they usually will not lower their home prices because Home Builders, as well the people who have already bought in the neighborhood, certaily want the property values going up – not down. However, Home Buyers, you still can receive home buyer rebates, aka; Agent Commission Splits of up to 67% from Buyers Agents who is a Members of The Real Estate Savings Center Network.



BEST MORTGAGE LOANS – Working through Best Home Search and with The Real Estate Savings Center Network you can find links to Online Lenders, Mortgage Brokers, and Local Bank Lenders in serving your hometown or destination city. The first step in buying a home or other real estate is to start with your current bank and shop around for a Good Faith Estimates (GFE) from at least 2 other mortgage lenders. Tell any of the Lenders you intend to receive a Home Buyer Rebate from your Buyer’s Agent and ask if they have any limitations on what they will allow as a Credit toward your Closing Costs, Pre-Paids, and/or Mortgage Rate Buy-Down.  When you select your Lender, it is very important to get a Lender’s Pre-Approval Letter. This letter can put you in a much better negotiating position with the Seller so you can get the home you want before someone else does. – We call it the Best Home Search because in addition to locating Homes that may suit you specific needs, you are also linked to the REALTORS® and other Real Estate Service Providers that are dedicated to savings you more Time and Money when it is time to buy and/or sell a house or other real estate.