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Best Home Search can save you time, effort, and money. You can use the City Search above to locate MLS Listings, New Home Builders, and Home Buyer Savings. Plus you can use the Map Search below to locate Buyer Brokers and other Real Estate Service Providers offering Home Buyer Rebates, and other Real Estate Savings in your Hometown or your Destination City:

BEST HOME SEARCH and The Real Estate Savings Center Network Realtor appreciate the time you spend Online doing Home Searching and Home Buyer Reserch. It can save Realtors a lot of time and money and our Network Realtors are pleased to be able to reward you with Home Buyer Rebates, as well as Flexible and Cost Effect Home Selling Solutions. The Internet has made it possible for Real Estate Companies to introduce new business models that reward you, and you will find them here on Best Home Search.



THE REAL ESTATE SAVINGS CENTER NETWORK has “hatched” a smarter and more cost-effective way for you to buy and/or sell a home or other real estate. It brings together top Independent Real Estate Companies, as well as House Builders, Mortgage Lenders, Home Inspectors, and Real Estate Service Providers at Online Real Estate Savings Centers serving the most popular Countiy area throughout the United States. These Savings Centers are designed to time, effort, and money in your Hometown or your Destination City.



home buyer benefits


HOME BUYER BENEFITS – One of the major benefits for you as a home buyer visiting Best Home Search is that you will be linked to highly-ranked Buyer Brokers that can work as your advocate and help you get the best overall deal on the New or Resale home of your choice.  Importantly, there is no extra cost to have a Buyer’s Broker on you side since they typically earn the commission offered by the Seller’s Agent through the Realtors’ MLS system. Plus, they offer great real estate rebates in thee 40-States where they are currently legal.




HOME SELLING SOLUTIONS – If you are looking to sell a house or other real estate before buying, you can deal directly with deal directly with the Broker and Owners of Companies that offer you the some of the most Professional, Flexible, and Cost-Effective MLS Home Listing, Marketing, and Selling Solutions. Best Home Search links you to The Real Estate Savings Center Network of Independent Real Estate Companies that offer a Menu of Services including “Full Service for Less”, Fee for Service, and/or programs that ensure you keep more of your equity.



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BEST HOUSE BUILDERS – The new houses you will find on the Best Home Search website are brought to you by Members of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). You can search for and select builders specializing in homw of all price ranges Importantly, the House Builders who are part of the Best Home Search Network also typically offer some type of Free Upgrades, Paid Closing Costs, Financing Packages, or other Home Buyer Incentives. Plus, you can receive a Home Buyer Rebate when using a Realtor at The Real Estate Savings Center Network. Home Buyer Rebates, also known as Real Estate Rebates or Agent Commission Splits are currently legal and available in 40 US States.



BEST MORTGAGE LOANS – Working with Best Home Search, The Real Estate Savings Center is also a good place to compare Home Loan Programs and Rates early in the home buying process. You can check out what the Mortgage Professor has to say about Mortgage Loans. Then it is a great idea to shop around for a Good Faith Estimates (GFE) from at least 3 different mortgage lenders. It is also important for you to get a Lender’s Pre-Approval Letter before looking at properties. This letter can put you in a much better negotiating position to get the home you want before someone else does.


BestHomeSearch.com – We call it the Best Home Search because in addition to locating Homes that may suit you specific needs, you are also linked to the REALTORS® and other Real Estate Service Providers that are dedicated to savings you more Time and Money when it is time to buy and/or sell a house or other real estate.